Here you can calculate your percentage(%) from SPI/CPI/CGPA without any software. This is an updated calculator specially for the students of GTU(Gujarat Technological University), Ahmedabad Keep visiting for latest updates. Press Ctrl+D to bookmark this web-site and Like us for more updates.

SPI : Semester Percentage Index
CPI : Cumulative Performance Index
CGPA : Cumulative Grade Point Average

GTU - Award of Degree :

  1. If the course duration is more than 2 years, the degree  shall  be  awarded  on  the  basis  of  CGPA (Cumulative Grade  Point  Average). 
  2. For 4 Years Course : Suppose the course duration is 4 years then percentage shall be calculate considering average of the last four semesters performance (CGPA).
  3. For 2 Years Course : If duration of course is of two years, the degree shall be given  to  students based  upon CPI (Cumulative Performance Index) considering all the four semesters performance.

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